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Hello and welcome to my site! I’m Ale Armijos, a London based photographer, who travels anywhere in the world where there is a fascinating story to tell.


My passion for photography allows me to find the creativity that flows before the images, passing from scene to object.

There are many moments that I love to immortalize, from birth, communion, graduation or those first magical stages of motherhood.

I would love to capture your story and those precious life moments.


I am sensitive to cultural and transcendent issues regarding our planet and therefore I am always keen to positively contribute my thoughts, to benefit, showcase and raise awareness of some of the key issues we face in this modern western society. 

I am a vegan enthusiast and, where possible, I make myself accountable for reducing the consumption of harmful products, with a goal to living a zero waste lifestyle.


I am passionate about travel, nature, learning, exploring, feeling. I believe that beyond the technique, photography is an artistic channel that helps improve the relationship between our surroundings and with ourselves.

I practice yoga to heal and feel the connection between my mind and body.

In my home I love to bring the influence of the outdoors, in. Plants and natural materials fill my home, providing a true sense of space, creativity and calm.