Hi, I’m Ale Armijos photographer in  ​​London, and anywhere in the world where there is a fascinating story to tell.

who i am


I love being a photographer because it allows me to find the creativity that flows before the images that flow from the scene to the objective.

There are many moments that I love to immortalize, from birth, communion, graduation or that moment as magical and special as motherhood. I would love to tell your story in those wonderful lives moments.



I am sensitive to cultural and transcendent issues regarding to our planet, I am aware of how we live in modern western society, so from my showcase, I’ll try to contribute with my voice and opinion.

I am vegan by principle and I am looking to reducing the consumption of products to a minimum and entering the Zero Waste lifestyle.

My passions


I am passionate about traveling, knowing, exploring, feeling. I believe that beyond the technique, photography is an artistic channel that helps improve the relationship with our surroundings and with ourselves.

I practice yoga to heal my mind and body.

I can’t live without a little bit of nature, that’s why my house is like a nursery full of plants.